Do It! Or Ditch It

Sunday Times Best-seller

‘Do it! Or Ditch It!’ (2011) is Bev's Sunday Times Best-selling book, guiding readers through the 8 steps to business success by proactively adopting the Do it! Or Ditch it approach to turn ideas into action and make decisions that count.

Bev teaches you how to focus on the ideas that work and how to ditch those that steal time and distract from the bigger picture. Whether you are starting up in business, already running a company or just want to be better at your job, the Do It! Or Ditch It! approach will help you succeed every step of the way and prevent terminal drift.

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Do It! or Ditch It - definitely a book for those serious about achievement. Clear, direct and inspiring. Just do it and reap the rewards.

James Caan, Founder and CEO at Hamilton Bradshaw

Bev James shows you not only the route to your success - but explains the step-by-step actions to get you there.

Richard Deny, Author of Selling to Win

Do It! or Ditch It is an excellent reminder of what really matters in the process of creating a successful business. Genuine passion, learning and giving are essential components... The power of this book lies in the fact that Bev is a living example of what she is teaching.

Peter Thomson is regarded as one of the UK's leading strategists on business and personal growth

Do It! or Ditch It is an insightful coaching book for business owners and potential business owners, and is a highly useful tool.

Tony Banks, Chairman of Balhouse Care Group and self-made millionaire, featured in The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4)

Grounded, practical, inspiring and warm, Bev James offers valuable advice and tools which will help any wannabe entrepreneur to make a dream a reality.

Gill Fielding, Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, featured in The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4)

Sometimes a book comes along that you pick up and can't put down because of the great business sense it offers. Bev James has written such a book... the boost you know you most need, right NOW!

Simon Middleton, founder of Brand Strategy Guru and author of Build A Brand In 30 Days

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