Sonia Haria

Journalist and Beauty Expert

Sonia Haria is an award-winning, multi-platform beauty journalist with 14 years experience in the industry.

About Sonia

Sonia Haria is an acclaimed journalist and beauty expert renowned for her insightful perspectives on skincare, wellness, and lifestyle. With a passion for uncovering the latest innovations in the beauty industry, Sonia's expertise has graced the pages of numerous esteemed publications, most notably as the Beauty Director of The Telegraph, cementing her status as a trusted voice in the realm of beauty journalism. Sonia is hugely passionate about the confidence-boosting powers of beauty, and enjoys discovering the next big trends, treatments and products on the market.

Beyond her journalism, Sonia is also recognised for her contributions as a member of the British Beauty Council's Advisory Board and sits on the Council's Policy Committee to further improve recognition of the beauty industry within Government. With a commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the beauty industry, Sonia is also a sought- after brand consultant and speaker who inspires and educates through her writing and advocacy efforts.

In 2024, Sonia is set to make her mark as an author with her debut book, ‘South Asian Beauty’, set for publication on July 4th by esteemed publisher HQ (Harper Collins). Drawing from her rich cultural heritage and professional expertise, Sonia explores the unique beauty traditions and practices of South Asia, offering readers a captivating journey through centuries-old rituals, modern makeup looks and product recommendations.

With her debut book, Sonia Haria invites readers to embrace the rich tapestry of South Asian beauty, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals to explore their own unique beauty journeys.

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What's New?

April 2022

Beauty Expert Sonia Haria and Makeup Artist Hannah Martin are hosting a panel discussion for Telegraph Beauty School on April 20th!

December 2021

Bev James Management represents Sonia Haria, Welcome Sonia!

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